Born In the old world, Austria, I was a fashion model for commercial, print and runway for the top designers and brands in Europe and around the world. In the course of 7 years as a professional model I worked for some of biggest names in the fashion industry like Armani, Gianfranco Ferre, Hugo Boss and many other well known designers. This was a great experience to be able to observe how the professional world of photography worked on both sides of the camera. On sets I was able to learn about lighting, set, equipment, framing a shot and much more from some of the best photographers in the world.With years of experience now behind the camera, it is second nature to capture that fleeting moment. I love observing people as the camera offers a unique perspective based on the angle, the light, that moment...faces are especially revealing and appealing. I shoot people in all kinds of settings, from action photographs like sports and dance events, to fashion and artist promotional photos, and headshots. I especially like working with kids as I have two of my own. I also do commercial photography for advertisements.My first love was pen and ink drawing which I pursued since I was a boy. With the invention of Adobe Photoshop my world changed and the medium of paper evolved to include computers. Excited by these developments, I started to mix my drawings with photos I shot, using them as background or subjects. Through the combination of my art with photography, I established an excellent base for the graphic design and Photoshop creative elements that I can incorporate into photos and websites that I develop.'I love to capture the moment, the light, a mood, an object or shape. Every shoot is like an adventure, never the same, always unpredictable, depending on so many factors and the results always exciting.' I offer a unique combination of skills that not all photographers have available. With my background in high end shoots on both sides of the camera and my extensive Photoshop and drawing skills, I can create any number of looks for you. This ranges from the simple headshot to a complex advertisement featuring use of green screen design and Photoshop elements. I am also a web designer so I can use these images to help you brand yourself or your product online in a unique and powerful way.
Please feel free to contact me if you need anything in that direction.